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At Forest Hills Dental, our two most important priorities are to help you keep your smile healthy and maintain your natural teeth. But sometimes, it’s not possible to do that unless we remove a problematic tooth.

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Dental extractions help to eliminate the source of dental pain, preventing infection from spreading into adjacent healthy teeth. Sometimes removing a tooth is the most beneficial thing that Dr. Gregory Mark can do for your smile as a whole.

Reasons to Have a Tooth Extracted

Severe Tooth Decay — In instances where a cavity is so large that it physically compromises the majority of a tooth, it may be impossible to repair with a filling, crown, or even a root canal with a buildup. You may even have an active dental abscess that accompanies the cavity.

Periodontal Disease — Severe gum disease causes the supporting bone structure around teeth to dissolve. In such instances, the teeth usually become mobile or fall out on their own. To prevent the spread of infection, our Forest Hills dentist may recommend extracting the most infected teeth.

Abscessed Tooth — Most dental abscesses are treatable with a root canal. But if the infection is so severe that it’s invading surrounding structures and eroding the root surface itself, it may not be possible to treat any other way.

Severe Fractures or Cracks — A tooth that’s cracked will typically cause prolonged pain when you bite and chew. Hairline fractures may be difficult to diagnose in some cases. Dr. Mark has a special tool he can use to check for cracked teeth, if we expect a fracture.

Pain and Emergencies — Toothaches can be so severe that sometimes extractions are the best solution for fast pain relief. If Dr. Mark does not think he can manage the dental pain with medication and therapeutic care (due to the type of injury or infection,) he may recommend a same-day emergency tooth extraction instead.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Your third molars (wisdom teeth) may need to be extracted if there’s not enough room for them to come in correctly. Sometimes wisdom teeth are fully or partially impacted, leading to painful swelling or pressure against your adjacent teeth.

Because of their location, even a fully erupted wisdom tooth is difficult to keep clean. Dr. Mark frequently sees cases of gum disease and tooth decay in wisdom teeth, even in individuals with excellent oral hygiene. If we feel that your third molars are at an elevated risk of developing an infection — or you’re in pain — we’ll likely recommend a preemptive wisdom tooth extraction before more problems develop.

Will I Need Bone Grafting After an Extraction?

Depending on the health and anatomy of your mouth — and what you plan to do after the extraction in regard to tooth replacement — you might also need a bone graft. Grafting helps to strengthen and reinforce your jaw, so that something such as a dental implant can be successfully installed.

Bone grafting adds more density to the area where the tooth has been taken out. It can take few months for new bone development and fusion to occur, so it’s best to place your graft while your mouth is still in the recovery stages of your extraction.

Alternatives to Tooth Extractions

Usually, Dr. Mark won’t recommend an extraction unless there’s no other solution for repairing your tooth. However, extractions are sometimes the go-to alternatives for treatments like root canal therapy, periodontal disease treatments, or dental emergencies.

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Recovering from a Dental Extraction

Having a tooth removed can be quite a simple procedure, or a more involved oral surgery. Depending on the nature of your procedure, you may be able to return to work the next day or need to take a long weekend to recover.

It’s best to have several soft foods on hand, as well as an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen. Applying a cool compress on and off the side of your mouth every 20 minutes will help to keep inflammation down (which is usually the leading source of post-operative discomfort.)

Avoid things like smoking, drinking through a straw, vigorous swishing, alcoholic and carbonated beverages for at least one week.

If for any reason Dr. Mark needs to place sutures at your extraction site, they will either be dissolvable, or we can remove them a few days after your extraction in our Forest Hills dental office.

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Replacing Your Missing Tooth

Aesthetically, this tooth misalignment can be a big concern. But functionally, it can lead to complications like an increased risk of

  • Cavities
  • Gum disease
  • TMJ disorder
  • Irregular tooth wear
  • Broken dental work

Dr. Mark recommends replacing your extracted tooth in a timely manner, before the other teeth start to shift. Some of the best ways to replace missing teeth are with dental implants, bridges, or a partial denture. Our Forest Hills office offers a full menu of tooth replacement choices to consider, so that you can select the one that’s best for you.

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Flexible Financing to Afford Your Care

Our practice accepts dental insurance and works closely with your carrier to provide you with a detailed estimate of your benefits. Plus, flexible payment options are available with as little as 0% interest though CareCredit, so that you can start treatment right away without worrying how to fit it into your monthly budget.

Tooth Removal in Forest Hills

Dr. Mark has over 30 years of experience caring for the smiles of others. At Forest Hills Dental, we’re here to help you feel confident about your oral health choices and smile’s future. Contact us today to schedule a new patient exam and extraction consultation.

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