Kois Deprogrammer


What is it?

A plastic appliance that you wear for a period of time to let your dentist diagnose the proper position and stability of your bite. It allows us to analyze your present bite position for possible improvement. It is a diagnostic tool only. A small percent of patients, who try the deprogrammer, will not benefit from proceeding to treatment.

Who is it for?

If you are someone who has any of the following symptomatic problems, you will benefit from having your bite analyzed with the deprogrammer for potential treatment:

  • An inability to chew thick breads (bagels) comfortably
  • An inability to chew rice with your back teeth.
  • An inability to chew only one piece of gum.
  • You do not know how your teeth “should” fit together.
  • You have worn front teeth, chipped or cracked back teeth, cracked fillings. loose teeth.
  • A sore jaw.
  • Tight jaw muscles.
  • You need your front teeth renewed with veneers or crowns.

How does it work?

When the deprogrammer locates a bite that works best for your muscles, jaw joints and teeth, it allows us to manage your bite forces. The deprogrammer allows your jaw to “seat itself” into the joint. When it is not seated, there are sometimes problems that need treatment.  The change in your bite is usually very slight, although the improvement in the feel of your bite after wearing the appliance can be dramatic.

This means:

  • Fewer new crowns
  • Fewer worn out existing crowns
  • Fewer fractured teeth or fillings
  • Less joint pain
  • Less over compression of the disk in the jaw joint
  • And overall stronger teeth that experience less excessive structural damage / fatigue caused by the unnecessary  forces of a poor bite position

The improved bite position, found by the deprogrammer, will allow less destructive forces as it provides a more coordinated  jaw musculature.

What Treatment Happens After the Deprogrammer?

Sometimes we just need to re-align or fine-tune the old bite with a one-visit appointment that involves NO anesthetic. The adjustments are minute and precise to a definitive end point.

Sometimes we build you a new “custom bite”. Either way, an individualized treatment plan is designed and presented to you, especially for you.

You can see why we consider this to be the first truly anti-aging device for your teeth.

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