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When you feel like your smile needs a complete overhaul, more than likely what you need is a full mouth reconstruction. Forest Hills families often turn to Dr. Gregory Mark for his extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry, implant therapy, and bio-functional dentistry.

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Choosing the best Forest Hills dentist for your full mouth reconstruction case is an important decision to make. You need a provider who is highly attentive to your emotional and personal needs, as they pertain to your oral and overall health.

What is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is a combination of functional and aesthetic treatments used to restore the appearance and performance of a healthy smile.

In normal situations, an overall and tooth-by-tooth approach is taken to treat and eliminate disease, such as active cavities and periodontal infections. At the same time, various restorations are combined to repair the teeth in question in a manner that restores performance and enhances the way that they look.

Your full mouth reconstruction may be more health related or cosmetic, depending on your specific situation. Although aesthetics make up a significant priority in nearly every case, ultimately Dr. Mark is just as concerned regarding the overall function and health of the teeth in question.

Types of Dental Treatments Involved

Due to the unique nature of full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Mark will incorporate a combination of various types of treatments to achieve the best overall results.

These treatments are not limited to, but often include solutions such as the following:

Dental Implants — Implants offer a permanent and durable solution for replacing missing teeth. They can be used to support full arch All-on-4 prosthetics, multiple tooth bridges, or single tooth dental crowns.

Periodontal Therapy — Ongoing gum disease will need to be treated and managed in order to prevent future tooth loss or failure of upcoming dental implant therapy.

CEREC Crowns — Same day dental crowns protect teeth with aggressive wear, fractures, or large cavities so that the tooth does not deteriorate any further. The crown can be customized to the shape and color preferences of the case, and also made to attach onto dental implants.

White Composite Fillings — Repairing smaller areas of tooth decay is best performed with a minimally-invasive filling. These white fillings bond closely with the tooth to minimize the impact on the overall structure, while also blending in with its natural color.

Dental Veneers — Although veneers are typically regarded as a cosmetic procedure, Dr. Mark may choose to combine them with other restorations like crowns or white fillings for optimal aesthetic results.

Tooth Extraction — Removing teeth is a common procedure during a full mouth rehabilitation procedure. Especially if the end result is to be something like dentures or an All-on-4 prosthesis.

Dentures or Partials — Prosthetics such as dentures or implant-supported denture designs provide fast and economical tooth replacement when multiple teeth need to be addressed at once.

Although this is not a comprehensive list of what methods are used during a reconstruction case, they are some of the most commonly discussed during our bite rehabilitation procedures.

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Do You Need Reconstructive Dentistry?

The term “full mouth rehabilitation” can be used to mean a lot of different things. Some of our Forest Hills full mouth reconstruction cases pertain more to cosmetic concerns, while others are more functional.

You might want to consider discussing full mouth reconstruction if you’re currently struggling with any of the following circumstances:

  • Multiple missing teeth
  • Aggressive tooth wear
  • Broken or decaying teeth
  • Severe periodontal disease
  • Extensive restorations, such as crowns, bridges, fillings, etc.
  • Bone loss
  • Sunken-in facial profile
  • Complex aesthetic concerns
    • As you can see, Dr. Mark will need to approach each full mouth rehabilitation case from a stand-alone perspective, based on the unique concerns of the individual we’re seeing.

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Planning Your New Smile: An Individualized Process

During your full mouth reconstruction exam at Forest Hills Dental, Dr. Mark will start out by questioning you about your priorities and concerns. Those may be aesthetic, financial, health-related, etc. There’s no right or wrong answer!

From there, he’ll thoroughly examine each tooth as well as your soft and hard oral structures, such as your gums and bone. More than likely, we’ll also take a series of photographs and possible impressions for evaluation.

We’ll also capture a series of digital X-rays, to further evaluate the structure of the teeth and areas in question.

Once Dr. Mark has all of the information available, we can curate a customized care plan with applicable options worth considering. We’ll walk through the best ones for your situation, allowing you to have a direct input on the type of treatment that goes into your plan. You play a crucial and key role in mapping out the future of your new smile!

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Affording Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Dental care costs related to a rehabilitation case can significantly differ from one person to the next. For instance, one person may need to go a more affordable route, while another has an entirely different budget to work with.

Ultimately, we’ll work with you to review the different options and prices available, so that we can curate a plan that best fits your situation.

Our financial coordinators will closely review your dental insurance information to provide a breakdown of your benefits and estimated coverage. From there, any remaining balance can be financed on a monthly basis if you prefer.

We offer 0% and low-interest financing through the healthcare financing company CareCredit. Applicants can get access to immediate funding so that they can start on their smile makeover as soon as they’re ready. In most cases, your treatment can be paid for in monthly interest-free payments as long as the balance is taken care of within a set period of time (usually 6-12 months.)

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If you’re considering full mouth reconstruction or a complete smile makeover, then it’s time to give Forest Hills Dental a call! Dr. Mark and our experienced care team are here to make your experience one that enhances your quality of life for the better.

Feel proud of the way your smile looks. Contact us today to take the first steps.

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