Dr. Gregory Mark

Dr. Gregory Mark DDS

Dr. Gregory Mark is a skillful dentist who has been perfecting his art of dentistry since the year 1988. Dr. Mark began his dental career after graduating from Tashkent Medical University in Uzbekistan. Shortly after immigrating to the USA with his wife and two young kids, Dr. Mark excelled at continuing his dental education. He completed an additional three years at NYU College of Dentistry, graduating with honors in 1995. Just a year later, Dr. Mark opened his first private practice. But finally after a decade of devotion to the practice, Dr. Mark decided to expand and relocate to a new, beautifully renovated office in the heart of Forest Hills. The office is equipped with the most advanced technologies; digital imaging, computerized education for the patients, whitening systems, etc. Dr. Mark keeps the office up to date with the latest advancements in the field of dentistry. He is able to do so by studying new techniques learned through various courses taught by the prominent Kois Center, and incorporating them into perfecting his practice. Over the years, Dr. Mark has grown internationally as a mentor for Kois and other major dental teaching corporations. Through his teachings and passion for the field, Dr. Mark has gained recognition for his extensive work beyond basic dentistry.

Dr. Mark prides himself on incorporating a patient’s overall health into deciding a proper treatment plan. He recognizes the crucial connection between a patient’s lifestyle and the health of the rest of their body, ultimately impacting one’s dental hygiene. Dr. Mark tries to incorporate such knowledge into his own daily lifestyle, maintaining a healthy diet while enjoying physical activity such as biking. When Dr. Mark is not busy mentoring and working at his Forest Hills practice, he enjoys traveling and exploring the various cultures around the world. Over the years, Dr. Mark’s family has expanded and his youngest daughter has gained inspiration to follow in his footsteps into the marvelous dental field.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Dr. Mark Specializes In:

Dr. Mark went through extensive training in oral surgery, specifically in Implant Dentistry. He has had the pleasure of working with the top educators of Implants. Dr. Mark specializes in Full Mouth Rehabilitation and Immediate Implant Dentistry. His detailed education in the field allows him to take on more advanced procedures such as Sinus Lifts, and Bone and Tissue Graftings. Dr. Mark’s efforts have added him as a faculty member to the Blueskybio Academy where he teaches digital implementation in Implant Dentistry, as well as other specialties.


Gum (periodontal) disease can spread from the gums to the bone that supports the teeth, and may even cause tooth loss in the most severe cases. There are very effective therapies to combat this, ranging from scalings (deep cleanings) that remove plaque and calculus (tartar) from beneath the gum line, to surgical repair of lost gum and bone tissue. Dr. Mark is skilled at the various methods of maintaining a patient’s periodontal health. Through his use of advanced bone grafting and innovative laser treatment, Dr. Mark’s patients are able to attain healthy gums.

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction)

Along with the various courses Dr. Mark has completed, he has especially focused on Occlusion and TMJ disease. TMJ can lead to jaw pain, clicking when opening or closing the jaw, and difficulty chewing. Dr. Mark is skilled at managing such issues and more severe ones including attrition, erosion and bite problems.


Dr. Mark is one of the pioneers of Digital Dentistry, learning through basic to advanced training in the field. His work in the area led him to become a CerecDoctors mentor, a group of individuals who hope to further their success in dental procedures by utilizing the latest digital technology. By joining the Cerec team, Dr. Mark has had the pleasure of sharing his knowledge to hundreds of dentists around the world. Since not everyone could attend, Dr. Mark accomodated those by publishing several articles on applying digital dentistry to any dental practice. 


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